About Us and this Blog

Originally we began in 2009 to promote the use Google products, services and applications, we were presented as the first group of its kind. Now in 2016 we are revitalizing the effort with some new energy to promote secure legal, diplomatic and public communications to promote causes professionally using Google+ and other products offered by Google to create a borderless, decentralized, nongovernmental global economic trading system that offers benefits to its members through the social media and 'knowing each other' as friends (fellow members).

To accomplish our benevolent role we are working towards promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through a number of programs that benefit users, members and remote native indigenous communities using the social media.

This blog represents a small community (program) of professional Google users that share particular information about using Google to promote different ideals and programs developed for the public good and general interest and for our membership with the exception that all articles are prepared for public consumption without obligation as users of Google's. Our focus here will also be on international formal diplomatic communication online through promoting the use of selected Google Products like Hangouts for Business, Google Vault and Google Drive.

Anyone is welcome to submit articles about best practices with existing products, make complementary reviews of Google products or present other information about shortcuts, tips, hacks or tricks with Google products.

Why Google Ambassadors?

When organizations were enhancing and expanding on the ideal use of the term 'ambassador' we were operating a model United Nations project using the social media, by casualty we found ourselves with Facebook, Twitter and Google Ambassadors through users. We had a very mixed bag of ambassadors and others that wanted to promote ideals involving diplomacy and goodwill using the social media and we responded to their ideals to form an ambassador group on each major social media network.

Only recently have we begun to consolidate the ideals of all our different ambassadors into an official decentralized autonomous nongovernmental cooperative organization that is digitally based and manifests as a non-state actor which is a legal state of corporate being notwithstanding the nation-state. Legally we are most commonly referred to as an international non-governmental organization or iNGO.

This project currently still has a good following of over 500 social media followers that depend on change and new technology introductions and solutions to create online value for others and so do we as subscribers (paid users) of Google Apps for Business. Perhaps you can help us find solutions and good content for our readers, just reach out!

Ambassador Style

We follow a formal diplomatic style and use well-written articles to express ideals. Please refrain from informal writing styles such as all caps or all lower-case letters. There are many opportunities always in development and we often find access to such opportunities for others like biography writers, bloggers, and others that can work online and offer accountable service products.

To become a necessary player in the world of formal diplomatic communication, best practices and good use of Google products in the social media we all need to be conscientious enough to observe good grammatical rules, formatting style as well as apply a global ethic relative to subjects presented so our agenda can maintain a positive image.

This is an Open Source and voluntary type effort that is hosted and maintained as a responsible social media human capital farm for the purposes of Globcal International, the Goodwill Ambassadors of the World and the Global Citizenship Registry. To be a member of our information group all you need to do is have a Google+ Profile for yourself, your brand, your community or your company.