Saturday, June 11, 2016

Is Google part of the New World Order?

It is said that "Google is the force behind the new world order," but so are all the people of all the nations as the world strives towards a more globalized society, world peace and a utopian ideal is finally achieved, where social responsibility and justice come before anything else. Now it is up to the people to decide if they can live under the magnifying glass as good global citizens.

It is true the amount of data that will be automatically generated by every transaction and action grows more everyday, once currency is eliminated (within 5-6 years) no one will have the opportunity to perform illegal acts because absolutely everything will be recorded and tracked. Within 4 years it is a well-known fact that most people will be able to transact business without banking cards, cell phones or chips because people will pay for their purchases using their fingerprint or an iris scan in major cities (the tech is already in test phase).

Google to Become the Greatest Force Behind Globalization Today

Can Google and the Internet serve as the backbone structure for a global government?

Perhaps the biggest most well developed global corporation.

Definitely! From what I have seen traveling around the world is that there is a great fiber optics system going in all around the world even to parts as remote as my home at the end of the road as deep into the Amazon that you can travel by road. As I can imagine there will be sensors and tracking systems placed every 500-1000 meters that can detect our movements past them.

Big Brother like no one has ever imagined, but who will be watching? Probably us, all of us will be watching as we demand transparency, fairness and human rights. All public officials will need to make public their affairs open to scrutiny so they are not considered corrupt. Its really not a big deal unless you have something to hide, being accountable for our actions and living in a responsible way is the least we can demand of one and the other.

What will Google do for the World Government Agenda?

All the talk and speculation about globalization and the ideal of a global government is becoming viral and based in reality as corporations extend their reach together with organizations who are making their moves for a piece of the global pie. In recent months the United Nations announced that 193 nations have come to agreement on unification under a global post-2015 agenda involving sustainable development and radical global climate change agreements which will remove fossil fuel from mainstream use within 5-8 years by over 95%.

Recent Articles Suggest Google is (or will be) our Big Brother

We know Google is involved in setting-up the new world order because they are part of the United States under law because they are incorporated there. Jurisdictionally speaking they 'belong' to the United States and any other government where they operate as a corporate business under the law, so do all other corporations and organizations.

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Everything Google is Global, Good and Grand

Evidently from what I have read following my selective news queries and as the author of Globcal International the entire world is being moved directly (right now) into a globalized society and a common global ethic; to possess our human rights under law we need to comply with the new laws and incentives to forge ahead. The SDGs and Climate Change Agreements will change the lives of millions and its implementation will result in new jobs in redevelopment and new opportunities. it was recently announced that Google fully supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals!!!

While critics speculate a single global power coming to dominate the planet, optimists see a more decentralized picture of thousands of collaborators with more power residing in the local economies instead of national political bodies. It's also possible that global equality can be squeezed into this picture. Each local region will have its own micro-economy and cultural differences in a world where discrimination is illegal.

Enthusiasts of social media and Google see no other option other than coming full-circle in our own self-management of our resources and abilities using RDFa (Resource Description Framework attributes) as the new global registry that out-stands and transcends the geopolitical borders of nation states. Everything imaginable is described through the RDFa system including resources like products, services, corporations, animals, farms, parks and now humans as well. See for more information about who you are.

If we take the reach of the Internet with its new RDFa technology and combine it with the rule of law; the result is an all knowing system capable of citing trouble or dominating our lives is completely feasible and practical if we continue on our technological path and quest for human civilization worldwide. It is not a conspiracy theory it is a necessity operated by everyone and benefiting everyone.


Many organizations are working for and against the big data and globalization movement. From a technological and civil standpoint we believe it will come to exist just because there is no other way to create a civil global society, eliminate corruption, reduce crime and create equality. Others simultaneously are fighting to maintain privacy but all the odds are against them, because these same things they are fighting for make it possible to endanger the lives of others and promote irrational conduct. Some say we will all need licenses soon to use the Internet, it is obvious this topic is one for hot debate and can be discussed for days and months to come.
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This article is written as a commentary by Ambassador David J. Wright, one of several organizers of the Google+ Ambassadors program and the Globcal International Network.