Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Google Ambassadors are also Goodwill Ambassadors

Who ever said that Google Ambassadors can't be Goodwill Ambassadors?

With the advent of Google+ and the ability that people have to establish themselves online with a verified name identity social networking is becoming much more fun and safer by eliminating fakes and phoneys that want to disrupt social networking communities with hate speech and radical causes.

The fact of the matter is that we all want social networking to perpetuate positive social relationships based on positive interactions with others. Recently the Facebook Ambassadors began an initiative to promote goodwill toward others using the social networking platform, by sharing posts about celebrities that have have become goodwill ambassadors for the United Nations and others that work as goodwill ambassadors for organizations all over the world.

Here on Google there are now thousands of celebrities posting as themselves because of the improved security and flexibility that the Google Platform provides, and as you may know most of them have pet causes that interest and inspire them based on their own personal interests.

Not all of us are celebrities nor do we want to be, but just as well we have similar interests that motivate us and concerns about the world that we want to see resolved; issues like hunger, war, political conflict, global disasters, humanity, disease, and the environment concern us all and are issues that can be reached and resolved through steps like education, acknowledgement and positive attention by individuals and the global community. Others may become inspired to go out and work on the front lines to deliver food to people in another country because of posts that you share, or more donations may reach another place and make the difference between life and death for someone.

Our original initiative as ambassadors for all of Google's products was to promote the good use of the Google platform which becomes more communicative and functional everyday. Our revised initiative will promote the good use of Google's products to post and distribute good news about good people tackling big issues using the Google Platform.

We have established a new Google+ Page for our goodwill, good news project that promotes the use of Google+ as the preferred platform for the Goodwill Ambassadors of the World. Please follow us there and add us to your circles.

Goodwill Ambassadors of the World on Google+

In the coming weeks we will be announcing exactly how you can be officially acknowledged as an Ambassador of Goodwill on Google+ through our progressive social networking initiative to promote good deeds on a global scale. We also encourage everyone to help us identify people who are celebrities working as goodwill ambassadors on G+ and regular people who professionally work as a citizen, cultural or as goodwill ambassador in local communities, states, organizations, or in foundations and get them to join us here on Google+ to participate in our program.

Peace and Goodwill to Everyone!