Friday, February 19, 2010

Expert Users of 57 Google Products and Services

Ask the Google Ambassadors what the Buzz is all about.

The Google Ambassadors were developed and established based on Google's introduction of new products and the need for a group of experts that could share their knowledge with others at a professional level.

In November 2009 several social network professionals made a call out to the world from a well-developed Facebook network of ethical users engaged in public diplomacy to engage and promote the concept of an expert users group of Googlers, from this the Google Ambassadors and Expert Users were created.

The group that was developed, created and promoted using the very same Google products and services like 'Google Groups,' 'Google Wave,' 'Blogger' and several others and we are just getting started, we are using other products like Google Docs in the background to manage the entire affair. There are still a number of products our group is using that have not been fully incorporated yet, because we do not want a mess or to overwhelm anyone.

Great care was taken in the development of this initiative; bringing together the expert users of Google's products involved individual evaluations of each member, their profiles, their work, and in some cases their temperament because of people's natural tendency to be egoistical and/or subjective with their personal agendas. Last month we had one ambassador trying to create a perfect storm in the Google Wave with contention for our general program so he could personally benefit through being an axis point for communication. The idea is to create an access point for those interested in Google products to get good sound advice and consultation as needed, not monopolize or capitalize off of the goodwill of Google or its integral development in all of our lives as a socially responsible company, it is coming along very well.

We are sure we made the right decisions in taking this a step at a time, the success of the Google Ambassadors work together as a group and the network we have developed in general will be based on the appropriate presentation of individuals with hard tested knowledge of these individual products and the professional presentation of the Google products as expert users. Some of the experts we selected are very knowledgeable, versatile individuals and have great understanding of the Google Enterprise as a whole, but we limited experts to selecting three products in which they can specialize officially, but this does not limit them privately from promoting other Google products in their professional careers.

There are over 100 Google Ambassadors at this very moment representing 57 different Google products that are web accessible and collaborative in some way. The ambassador program is currently establishing a point of contact for these ambassadors to find opportunities to train others at a professional level. Some ambassadors have already established training programs and are circulating these opportunities in their own local communities with small and medium businesses, some are developing on-line training programs, one even mentioned establishing a professional Google Help Desk (hotline), and yet others are simply helping other individual users in a technical capacity at no cost to the person seeking assistance because they want to do it.

Everyone is very excited about the recent and new progress of Google in the social network realm and the upcoming integration of many new products which will come into play as Google is ready to implement them. There were many concerns last week over privacy issues with Google Buzz, but Google being as responsible as they are these issues were quickly resolved and are continuing to be resolved.

Join our group as a follower of our blog, member of the ambassadors group, or follow our news on Facebook as we move to the next level and introduce our experts, developers, and even a few members of the Google staff who have been so essential in the development of this great initiative. A revolution is on the horizon for how we use our computers, how we communicate, socialize and collaborate our work together as a team.