Friday, November 27, 2009

Introducing the Google Ambassadors

The Google Ambassadors are the same great people that use Google everyday all over the world. They are the users of Google products, the same are also developers, beta testers, and the guinea pigs of the Google laboratory. The ambassadors are involved in the introduction of new ideas, exchange of information, generating feedback, and they are an integral spontaneous development of Google themselves.

The 'Google Ambassadors' are a group of self-styled volunteer social networkers and developers that are well-experienced in the creation and management of Google sites, groups, blogs, documents, and much more; besides promoting Google in general through using Google products, they also represent others that are less knowledgeable or too occupied to do their own project or personal profile development on-line. The ambassadors use good old-fashioned ethical values and traditional diplomatic protocol in their personal presentations and in creating presentations representative of others. Besides representing individuals who need special representative services they also collaborate with Google engineers and in-house developers by sharing ideas, training others, and providing solutions as members of forums and groups on Google.

The Google ambassadors represent the appropriate use of social network tools and the Internet in general in both theory and practice, their identities are individually verified and qualified based on demonstrated experience and knowledge by the program organizers. To be considered an ambassador in our special group potential members should be affiliated with any number of relative professional groups and/or organizations and must have their professional profile publicly displayed and available for viewing and reference on a number of business and casual social network sites referenced from their own Google Account Profile.

The Google ambassador's group and ideal for the program is being organized by Col. David J. Wright, and professionals from Globcal International who created a similar program and format on Facebook which uses a slightly different concept to interact with others securely and appropriately to promote social causes and goodwill. There he and his organization took the idea of Facebook diplomacy (citizen-based public diplomacy) and formalized it to develop and create democratic world-view based on basic and common values of all people and cultures connected there. The idea involves the concept of a 'no borders world' as we all currently share on-line and the generation of conversations that can be shared globally among all who are involved in the social network platform; in the practice of this activity they emulate best practices of the representative network and discuss development of standards for social network interaction and use.

The activities are overseen by Globcal International a non-profit cooperative founded by Wright which manages the groups and programs for the public benefit and the development of individual ambassadors' social capital and professional realization as experts in the field of social media relations. Ambassadors do not have to be members of or associated with the cooperative, however it does not hurt since there is no cost,all members are act as independent agents.

Ambassador group participants are unpaid for their stint as ambassadors because they are not actual Google employees; but as Google lab participants, developers, coders, beta-testers, writers, and expert users they are considered the best use practitioners and keep up-to-date with changes and new technology allowing them to freelance their Google expertise by taking on individual projects working with others.

Being an ambassador for Google can be as simple as using Google Labs products or using 'adsense' and 'adwords' or it can be as complex as training others as an independent agent; such as small businesses, governments, and corporations in your part of the world as to how to use and implement Google for maximum efficiency and benefit.

The Google Ambassador group officially begins on December 01, 2009 and anyone can become a Google Ambassador upon completion of a questionnaire and demonstrating adequate knowledge about Google's more popular products like GoogleMail, GoogleWave, Google Chrome, Blogger, GoogleSites, and others, the best part is that if you are not approved as an ambassador immediately you can learn more about Google and become an ambassador afterwards. All ambassadors are also asked to comply with a special code of ethics and conduct developed by the group users.

The advantages of becoming an ambassador include invitations to use third party software, other Google developers applications early, and opportunities to make independent presentations about Google in the off-line world through your own company or self as a contractor or guest speaker.

Anyone can join the Google Ambassadors Group and share in the knowledge to become a great Internet user or a social and business network expert. No technical talk, it is all about using Google for the best network connectivity ever, if you need help ambassadors will always be glad to make professional references for you.

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